August 29, 2010


(C) Bill Watterson 

it has been a fantastic couple of years here on of mojitos and madness....but as a believer of letting go of the old in order for something new (and hopefully better) to take shape, i have decided to move out of mojitos and set up a brand new home at i do hope you will continue to pop by over at my new addie as i do look forward to sharing with all my foodie adventures (and misadventures!).

thanks very much & see you soon at!

ps: special shout outs to blogger for hosting mojitos!

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August 9, 2010

leap of faith!

*deep breath* okay...this girl is officially making it known that mojitos' is undergoing a major revamp and i'm in the process of leaping into a bit of the unknown with a huge switch with this blog *gulp!* i been to-ing and fro-ing about how and when i should close this chapter and decided to just not think too much (those who know me will agree that i do that a lot!) and literally just jump into it and to swim with the flow!

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August 5, 2010

gotta grin!

one thousand, two hundred and thirty three days since mojito's maiden post, this girl is quietly pleased that this blog is seeing ten thousand visitors and counting! okay... i know it might not mean terribly much to many, but to me...its somewhat of a mini achievement! i started out honestly not knowing what to expect and worrying many a time that my writing wasn't quite up to scratch, so i think crossing the ten thousand line is cause enough for me to open my favorite pint of ice cream, pick up my trusty spoon and dig in!

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August 2, 2010

one six b's finest

this is gonna be a somewhat short and sweet post to mark the coming out of a week of hospitalization leave (thanks to surgery number three in my journey toward getting my first implant) and the somewhat anticipation of the mayhem of the coming week, as i close the chapter of working at my present job. one would think i would have more time to blog during the rest week...but the time simply flew past as i nursed a swollen cheek, a cold and an overflowing inbox. but i digress... this post is as the title suggests...a recap of yet another chillax dinner with great company, fun guests tucking in full on to some of one six b's fab & favorite dishes - starting off with pak law's kick ass caesar salad.

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July 27, 2010

khmer cuisine

cambodia has always been one of those places that's been on my places to go to list for quite a while. having heard quite a lot about it already from uncle d and aunty c, cousin marc, g's mom and aunty s, this girl thinks a trip to cambodia soon would be nice to not only catch the beauty of the ang kor wat but to experience first hand the khmer cuisine that draws inspiration from thailand, vietnam and not forgetting france!

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